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Bench Memorials

A Bench Memorial is a special multi-piece memorial that stands in honor of someone. They are very versatile and are one of the only monument styles found outside the cemetery.

When a bench is used in the cemetery, it is likely placed as a headstone and therefore, is not recommended to use as a place to sit. Those benches are often cremation-style benches that actually house the remains of the individual.

Designing a bench memorial for your loved one is a wonderful tribute and should be considered by all with grand stories to tell.

Bench Monument Styles

Bench Memorials come in Three general styles, Cremation Bench Memorials, Traditional Harp Legged, and All Polish Park Bench Style.

Cremation Bench Memorials

Cremation Bench Memorials are a specialty type of bench that allow for you to stow the remains of your loved one within the memorial itself. Commonly referred to as a Pedestal Bench, these benches make elegant memorials by themselves or paired in an Estate Set Up.

Traditional Harp Legged Bench

This simple 3 piece granite bench design is eloquently constructed and presents many polished faces to engraved upon. The legs are harp shaped to resemble the harps surely held by the angels welcoming one to heaven. 

Park Bench Memorial Style

One of the only memorial styles we offer that is more commonly found outside of the cemetery, This park bench style is easily engraved in tribute or memorial to whomever where ever. When used in the cemetery this park bench style represents one in civil service to their community. 

Cremation Bench Memorial
Cremation Bench Memorial
Parr Thomas Genetha Jones bench front 2
Traditional Harp Legged
Sexton Donald Janis Pierceton
Park Bench Memorial Style

Design Elements of Bench Memorials

Here are a few design elements you will want to consider when choosing to craft a Bench Memorial:

  • Customization. Any style of bench memorial can be personalized with inscriptions and other design features that reflect the life of your lost loved one. For example, if you’re looking for a way to honor the memory of someone who was passionate about fishing, consider having an engraved scene of his favorite fishing spot placed on their memorial.
  • Granite materials.  Bench Memorials are typically made from granite, which is durable and beautiful but also affordable compared with other kinds of stone monuments such as marble or even more expensive limestone. Easily engraved, our granite will stand up to the elements for many years to come.
  • Custom inscriptions. Solely dependent on the engrave-able space, adding a custom inscription to the back or bench legs of the memorial design will only aid in telling the story of your loved one. Bible verses, favorite quotes, or even handwriting samples are just some of the options available.
Oaks Bartley Clara Greenlawn Mexico site back
Custom Wave Bench Memorials

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While there are many different types of memorials, we hope that this article has helped you understand the best way to memorialize a loved one. Remember, there’s no one right answer when it comes to placing a memorial to honor someone, only the memorial you choose.

You should always choose something that feels right for you and your family members—and if you need more help along the way, we’re here for you! Send us your information at your earliest convenience and one of our trained memorial designers will be right with you.

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