The Process Of Designing A Memorial

Basic Asked Questions

Who is the memorial for?
Where will the memorial be placed?
What are the cemetery regulations?
What Material can be used?


Family Preferences for the Memorial

Size, Style, and Budget
Design Elements


Designing Stage

Schedule a meeting with a Caldwell Family Service Representative.


Producing the Memorial & Placement


Some Additional Information:

Final Design Approval
  1. Detailed Computerized Design will be presented for Final Approval. Names and Dates must be checked at this time. This computerized Design MUST be signed to proceed.
  2. Signing the Computerized Design indicates the exact engraving will be done as shown.  This is FINAL APPROVAL.
The Material
  1. Inventory Items are the fastest to complete, and we have a large inventory to work from.
  2. Obtaining material not in inventory, this step can sometimes take the longest depending upon where the material is coming from.  We will inform you about this process if needed.
Cemetery Foundation
  1. Each Cemetery has its own rules and regulations.  Some cemeteries pour their own foundations.  We can order this for you in the memorial purchase process.
  2. Some cemeteries allow our crew to pour the foundation, which will be a lined item on the purchase agreement. 
  3. Please note, Pouring a foundation is HIGHLY dependent upon the weather.  There is usually a “cut-off” date before winter hits and a “start” date after spring begins, so we have to wait for this process to happen.  If you can plan ahead, it is best to work with the seasons for the foundation pouring.
  4. AFTER the foundation is poured, we have to wait a number of days to allow the concrete to cure properly before we place a memorial upon it.
Placing the Memorial in the Cemetery
  1. If weather is permitting in Indiana, we can place the memorial in the cemetery during the winter months. 

If you have questions that were not addressed above, please refer to the FAQ section of this website or Contact us.

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