Styles & Shapes for your Memorial

This will give you an overview of styles and shapes. The personalized engravings on the memorials are done on an individual basis.
  • Marker Style Memorials: This style is usually a smaller memorial and comes in several shapes. It can have a Smooth (polished) or Rough finish.
  • Basic Shaped Memorials: These memorials are the most common shaped memorials. They are upright memorials that consists of a tablet with a base. This type of memorial can have a mixture of finishes.
  • Special Shaped Memorials: These shapes are the most personalized and we are continually developing new ones. If you have an idea, bring it to us! If it can be done, we will do it.
  • Multi-colored Memorials: These memorials are using more than one color to add to their uniqueness. We are continually designing more personalized memorials by adding numerous colors.
The height and width can vary with the number of people on the memorial with each style that you choose. 

You can also find more pictures of our work on our Facebook page.
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