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Ah, the Mausoleum, the grandest final resting chamber we have to offer and the single most used monument style of Emperors, Kings, and other Royalty.

Many of the most popular world wonders are actually mausoleums: the pyramids, and the Tag Mahal, to name a few. Building a mausoleum in honor of your estate is the largest expression one can make in a granite memorial.

Caldwell Monument has built many mausoleums honoring the biggest estates throughout Indiana. We would love to share the finer details with you below and very much look forward to speaking on building your Grand Memorial.

Mausoleum Styles

Above Ground, Single Crypt Mausoleum

Above ground memorials take up the whole of the memorial plot and are a significant gesture for those memorializing a single individual. The thick granite walls will hold and preserve the casket and remains for many years to come. The walls can be of the color of your choice, as for the panel, we recommend an etched black, but the customization is truly up to you.

Single Estate Mausoleums

As with all above ground memorials, Single Estate Mausoleums are a proud and grand gesture of a memorial. For a couple, or single estate, this style of mausoleum takes the space of two burial plots. The granite and overall wall/lid design can be fully customized to suit your needs. We do highly recommend the black front panel as it offers the best level of contrast for etching.  


McConnell JoNell Rankin 2015 03
Above Ground, Single Crypt Mausoleum
Chenoweth David Shirley Sharpsville 2
Dual Crypt, Single Estate Mausoleum

Design Elements of Mausoleums

  • Customization. Mausoleums are the the biggest and grandest gesture you can make when crafting a memorial, especially for a couple or estate. Each and every piece of granite can be customized to your liking and to best suit the person we are placing this memorial for.
  • Granite materials.  Above ground companion mausoleums are long last memorials because they are made of the highest quality granite. We carry a large variety of colors so capturing the full essence of someones life story is easier. The front panel being black or dark colored granite means we can pack a ton of detail into the etching or engraving.
  • Custom inscriptions. Solely dependent on the engrave-able space, adding a custom inscription to the front panel is customary for all single or double crypt memorials. Some crypt mausoleums have engravings hidden in the lid or other polished space. These inscriptions only aid in telling the story of your loved one. Bible verses, favorite quotes, or even handwriting samples are just some of the options available. But once again it’s all about telling your story.
Macy mausoleum
Grey Granite Mausoleum For A Couple

Previous Mausoleums

  • Chenoweth David Shirley Sharpsville 2
  • Kimbrough mausoleum
  • Macy mausoleum
  • McConnell JoNell Rankin 2015 03

While there are many different types of memorials, we hope this article has helped you understand our Mausoleums a little bit more and that youhave found the best way to memorialize a loved one. Remember, there’s no one right answer when it comes to placing a memorial to honor someone, only the memorial you choose.

You should always choose something that feels right for you and your family members—and if you need more help along the way, we’re here for you! Send us your information at your earliest convenience and one of our trained memorial designers will be right with you.

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