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Memorials For 3 or More

A memorial for 3 or more people is most commonly referred to as an Estate Monument. The best monument style for large families, an estate memorial proudly displays the family name and spans over 2 or more grave plots in the same cemetery.

Unlike more simply designed memorials for one or memorials for two, estate monuments

In this article we will cover:

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Estate Monument Styles

As we mentioned, Estate monuments are memorials that house 3 or more individual names and dates that span multiple grave plots. Best suited for families that want to stick together through many generations.

The traditional style upright memorial is a common estate monument especially one long enough to house 3 panels across it’s front like the Woodhams Estate. The Woodhams oldest member of the estate is actually memorialized twice. Once with the family and another time on the back with their US Army bronze marker.

Estates are meant to resemble the complete family story with the proud family name centered and on display in pride. The Woodhams estate monument does just that spanning over two adjoining plots.

Memorials for 3 or more people - woodhams
Woodhams Family Estate Upright
Woodhams Walter Dorothy Walter Mt. Hope Peru back 1
Woodhams Estate Monument (back)

Design Elements of Family Estate Memorials

Here are a few design elements you may want to consider when choosing Family Estate Monument:

  • Personalization. This monument, the family monument, is one that must stand highest and proudest so that all visitors will know the family name and stature. Custom design a multi-piece setup or go vertical and erect a monument pillar that reaches the heavens. The customization of each side will stand the test of time and tell each member’s story.
  • Granite materials. Estate monuments are typically made from granite, which is durable and beautiful but also affordable compared with other kinds of stone monuments such as marble or even more expensive limestone. Easily engraved, A Caldwell Granite headstone will withstand the elements for many years to come.
  • Custom Size Sides & Inscriptions. Estate monuments are unique because of how many stories they can tell and how many lives they hold in memorial. Erecting a monument this grand only calls for the specifying of what each face should feel like and how much engraving is necessary. As with our example here, the Poulson Family Pillar, just below the obelisk, each of the four members’ names and dates is engraved with another 4 spaces just below.
Family Estate Monuments

Previously Built Estate Memorials

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  • Estate Monuments
  • Memorials for 3 or more people - woodhams
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  • Cicalo Bethany Center site front 2
  • 102 2071 2
  • Knappenberger Lindenwood close

Where to Design and Purchase a memorial for a family or estate.

While there are many different types of memorials, we hope that this article has helped you understand the best way to memorialize your families estate. Remember, there is only one right answer when it comes to placing a memorial, the memorial you choose to have us design.

You should always choose something that feels right for you and your family members—and if you need more help along the way, we’re here for you! Send us your information at your earliest convenience and one of our trained memorial designers will be right with you.

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