Frequently Asked Questions

Does your company do the work, or does it come to you ready for the cemetery?

Usually, we purchase the material in the desired shape, as exampled in our inventory.
We do the remaining personalization (such as engraving, and etching) as well as adding any medallions, vases, or other items.

Do you do the work for all monument companies and funeral homes in the county?

Unfortunately, this is something that others might lead you to believe, but currently we just do our own work and not the work for others such as cemeteries and funeral homes.  If you want local,  come and see us, and know that we are doing the work right here on site.

How long does it take to produce a memorial from start to finish?

It usually takes about 2-3 months from the time you sign the contract (Purchase Agreement) to the memorial being placed in the cemetery.
Lots of aspects go into producing a memorial with lots of variables to consider: 
Material:  inventory or overseas purchase?  Overseas could take an additional 4 months
Designing:  are we having to draw your farm, or your portrait?  are there numerous changes being made?
Foundation: (some cemeteries do their own, others allow us to do them) what is the weather?
Sandblasting and/or etching the design into the material.
Placing it in the cemetery:  Is the weather permitting? Temperatures are a factor to consider.

Can I "follow" our family's memorial through the process? How?

Yes you can! We will need to know this request at the time of purchase and arrange the best method for your family. We have numerous avenues to accommodate this request:  Email, Text, Tweet, Facebook, or if you have another request, please just ask. Let us know your family’s privacy preferences when requesting notifications. Please request this information at the contract signing, along with providing cell phone numbers, and/or email addresses, etc.

Is future engraving included in the price that I pay today?

No, it is not included in the price of the memorial at the time of purchase. Some things to be aware of:

  1.   Was that service included in the price of the funeral? (should be an item on the itemized funeral list) If it is included, have the Funeral Home contact us for the work to be completed.  
  2.   It takes up to 4- 6 weeks to complete date engravings and we have to have payment up front. Please refer to the RESOURCE page for an order form.
  3.   Order form must be SIGNED confirming the accuracy of what is to be engraved.
Can you engrave on an existing memorial in the cemetery? Can you put the date of their passing? Is it alright to add names?

Yes, we can do engraving on an existing memorials and can put the final date on the memorial after it is placed in the cemetery; however, it isn’t always the best answer.

It is not always a good idea to add names to an existing memorial. An example being: adding a family member’s information to their ancestors memorial. The original memorial was not designed to accommodate more names, and it possibly lessens the value of the original memorial by adding more names.

We have alternatives to adding to the existing memorial that are worked out on a case by case basis. (Cemetery regulations are taken under consideration with all options given.)

Is it possible to match a memorial that is currently in a cemetery? (Such as my parents, grandparents, or other family member)
Yes, if the material is still available, we can match the color of an existing memorial in the cemetery. It would require us to do an on-site check so that we can verify the color prior to the purchase.
I live in another state, can I purchase a memorial from you that goes to a cemetery near your business?

Yes we are more than happy to help you.
With the technology that we have today, it is highly possible and we do it on a regular basis.

How can I clean a memorial in the cemetery?

First rule – use lots of water! A soft bristle scrub brush, a willing arm, and a gentle soap are the tools you will need. Once scrubbed, rinse with lots of water. The more water the better the clean and result of the cleaning.

If I "GPS" your address, will I find you?

We have found that by using the following address you will reach our Kokomo location accurately: 3047 West State Road 18 BUNKER HILL, IN 

My family member was cremated, can I have a memorial in the cemetery? What is the process?

Yes. A memorial in the cemetery is a good idea for a place to grieve your loss and it is wonderful for genealogy purposes. Whether the cremains are buried at the memorial site, placed within the memorial itself, or kept elsewhere is up to you and your family. The memorial process is the same regardless if cremation was chosen.  A memorial is a necessary part in the end of life process, by honoring the life lived. Please check with the cemetery for their specific regulations.

I was given the cremated remains of my family member, now what do I do?

We recommend knowing all of your options with cremations prior to making a decision. The Cremation Association of North America has a wonderful article about Cremation Memorial Options

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