Cremation Bench Memorial

Cremation Memorials

A cremation memorial is a granite memorial specifically crafted to hold the final remains of your loved one within the headstone itself. Likely within the base or the centerpiece, your loved ones’ remains will be sealed away via cap or other granite piece.

Cremation Benches, Cremation Upright Monuments, and Coulmbariums are just a few of the cremation memorial styles we offer. Each built to preserve and house your loved one forever. 

There are many styles and shapes that we can craft your cremation memorial into. Come with us as we guide you through their differing aspects and style specifics.

Cremation Memorial Styles

Cremation Bench Memorials

Cremation Bench Memorials are a specialty type of bench that allow for you to stow the remains of your loved one within the memorial itself. Commonly referred to as a Pedestal Bench, these benches make elegant memorials by themselves or paired in an Estate Set Up.

Upright Tablet and Base Cremation Memorials

With a traditional tablet and base, the upright portion is 6″ thick while the base is 12″ – 14″. To craft it into a cremation memorial we carve a hole and seal that new home with the upright tablet. The base can be any width but is best suited to be wide enough to also have a vase on either side.

Columbarium / Niche Monuments

A columbarium or Niche is a house style monument that will hold 4, 8, 12, 16, or even 24 cremation remains for many members of a family or group. The color of granite making the foundation is a mixture of different ones but each panel covering the remains is likely always black granite with etched details. 

Cremation Bench Memorial
Cremation Bench Memorial
Kothe Dan Terri Onward 3
Upright Tablet and Base Cremation Memorial
Everling Frankie Kathy Natasha Fairview 1
Columbarium Memorial

Design Elements of Cremation Memorials

Here are a few design elements you will want to consider when choosing to craft a Cremation Memorial:

  • Customization. With their many pieces needed, cremation memorials can be crafted to tell just about any story and pay tribute to any single or group of individuals. The one thing to remember is, in what section of the monument will the memorial be stowed. Then we can work out from there.
  • Granite materials.  Cremation Memorials are typically made from granite, which is durable and beautiful but also affordable compared with other kinds of stone monuments such as marble or even more expensive limestone. Easily engraved, our granite will stand up to the elements for many years to come.
  • Custom inscriptions. Solely dependent on the engrave-able space, adding a custom inscription to any smooth granite surface of the design is highly encouraged. Bible verses, favorite quotes, or even handwriting samples are just some of the options available.
Page Richard Martha Burlington front 1
Pillar Bench Cremation Memorial

Previously Crafted Cremation Memorials

  • Dunsizer Norman Betty Frank Frederick Mt Hope Logansport
  • Gallagher William Marcia Davis front
  • Dials Douglas Clare St Charles Peru
  • Miller Robert Mary Edgar Valerie Mt Hope Logansport 147152 e1673641701242
  • Kothe Dan Terri Onward
  • Estate Monuments
  • Cantu Roger Michelle Springdale 1
  • Page Richard Martha Burlington front 3
  • Everling Frankie Kathy Natasha Fairview
  • Hunt Jason Mast side angle scaled

While there are many different types of memorials, we hope that this article has helped you understand the best way to memorialize a loved one. Remember, there’s no one right answer when it comes to placing a memorial to honor someone, only the memorial you choose.

You should always choose something that feels right for you and your family members—and if you need more help along the way, we’re here for you! Send us your information at your earliest convenience and one of our trained memorial designers will be right with you.

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